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Court Fees

Civil Court of the City of New York, District and City Court fees:

Index Number - $45
Consumer Credit Transaction Index Number - $140

Supreme Court of the State of New York fees:

Index Number $210
Index Number (RPAPL Art. 13 Foreclosure) $400
Request for Judicial Intervention $95
Note of Issue (no prior RJI) $125
Note of Issue (prior RJI paid for) $30
Calendar Number, Uncontested Matrimonial $125
Jury Demand $65
Filing a Motion $45
Filing a Cross-Motion $45
Filing a Stipulation of Settlement $35
Filing a Stipulation of Discontinuance $35

County Clerk Filing and other fees:

Notice of Appeal $65
Building Loan Agreement $50
Notice Pendency (lis pendens) $35
(in City of New York)
(Price varies from county to county outside City of New York)
Notary Commission – Renewal $60
Certificate of Official Character (Filing) $10
Certificate of Official Character (Issuance) $5
Authentication of Notary’s Signature $3
Mechanic’s Lien $30
Transcript of Judgment (Filing) $25
Transcript of Judgment (Issuance) $15
Certificate of Exemplification $25
Business Records, Certified Copy $10
Supreme Court Actions, Certified Copy  $8
Wage Assignments $10
Affidavit of Service for Mechanic’s Lien $5

District Court of the United States:

Index Number - $350